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What is BLOX CMS?

BLOX CMS is an online Content Management System that is comprised of a set of applications (or modules) that offer BLOX admin users the ability to complete a number of specialized tasks relating to the management and publishing of online content. BLOX was developed from the ground-up, based around the needs and perspective of the newsroom.

You'll find that many of the applications within BLOX CMS share a consistent layout and workflow. This design approach provides the benefit that after mastering one BLOX application, the subsequent applications are much easier to learn and adopt.


How to use help.townnews.com

BLOX CMS has a lot of moving parts, but we're here to make the transition smooth and seamless. We understand that it can be challenging adopting a new CMS, but our team is here to provide guidance every step of the way. This knowledge base is structured in a way for BLOX administrative users to easily find what they're looking for, so you're spending less time learning and more time being creative and making deadlines. By following our guided approach and devoting time to our provided resources, we're confident that anyone can master BLOX CMS in no time.  

This knowledge base is structured in a similar, consistent way that features a corresponding section of resources for each BLOX application. Each application section includes the following elements to facilitate the learning process: 


Intuitive Navigation

The navigation features helpful navigation tiles and graphic overlays for accessing the most important, core topics for that given BLOX application.


  • Interface Overviews: Interface Overview graphic overlays provide clarity for navigating each application by defining all of the panels that make up the application workspace.  
  • Primary Tasks Links: These links provide step-by-step instruction and other resources for accomplishing and understanding the functions and most-basic tasks for that specific application.
  • Get Started Tutorials: The Get Started tutorials are a collections of resources that walk admin users through the beginner tutorials for that application in order of recommended reading. Upon completion, users should have a solid understanding of what the application does and how to accomplish tasks that are core to the application. Users are encouraged to practice what they've learned upon completion of the Beginner tutorials before proceeding with the Advanced and Expert curriculum. 
  • Glossary: A site-wide glossary of terms is available quick for quick access for being well-versed in all of the latest BLOX lingo.        


Build on the Fundamentals

Help topics are divided into Beginner, Advanced and Expert levels of complexity, allowing admins to self-qualify their own level of proficiency before advancing to the next level.   


Multi-faceted learning approach

We embrace that not everyone shares the same learning style, so we provide resources in the form of concise written documentation and Quick Start Guide videos. Helpful, downloadable examples are also available for a deeper understanding.


Key Takeaways

The marketplace of ideas is one of the most important industries to be in and the TownNews team is grateful, passionate and enthusiastic to be a part of it. It's never been a more exciting time for online publishing and we see this as only the beginning. In this fast-moving, ever-changing world, our ultimate goal is to provide cutting-edge tools to help tell your story, connect with your readership and thrive through the digital age, and beyond. 


"To create a new standard, you have to be up for that challenge and really enjoy it."    

                                                                            - Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo)


It's important to us that you adopt the most time-efficient publishing workflow, but it's also important to have fun and enjoy mastering our innovative tools. We're excited and look forward to seeing what you create with BLOX CMS!