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Localize, Duplicate, and Delocalize Flex templates


NOTE: Localizing a package allows you to create a package that you can use to customize your Blox CMS website.

 Open Flex by clicking the +


Open SkinsBlocks, or Components by clicking the +.

+Skins Blocks Components.png

If you are working in Skins, open the application by clicking on the +.


Right click on Flex, select Localize.


 Click Yes in the popup. 

NOTE: Using these steps you have created an exact duplicate of the TownNews core package. Now you can edit this localized package to customize your Blox CMS website.

click Yes.png

The icon will change and the TN that indicates that it is a certified Skin will disappear.

TN copy.png certified on the left, localized copy on the right.


NOTE: Duplicating a package allows you to create a copy of your customized package so that you have a backup to return to if needed.

To make a copy of your localized package, right click on the localized package and choose Duplicate.


In the Duplicate package "package_name" popup, change the name to something unique.

NOTE: This will change the package name and therefore Blox CMS will ignore this package. For Blox CMS CMS to read a package it must be named exactly like the TownNews package.

change name.png

 Click Duplicate.

duplicate 2.png

  The packages have the same name, but when you mouse over them you see the names are different.

name 1 copy.png

Left side is original localized file. Right side is duplicate.

 Click on the + for the duplicated package. Double click on Package configuration to open it.

package configuration.png

 Change the Title to more easily identify the duplicated package. 

NOTE: This will change the title that is visible. It does not change the package name. If you only changed this title, and not the package name in step 4a, Blox CMS will still be able to read and use this package.

change name 2.png

Click the down arrow beside Save changes to click Save and publish package.

save and publish.png

The new package name will now show up in the list.

new name.png


Note: Delocalizing a package returns it to the TownNews core package. Your custom package will be deleted and cannot be recovered. If you need to keep a copy of your customized package, please see Duplicate above.

 Right click on the package you want to delete and click Delocalize.


 Click Yes.

click Yes 2.png

 The package will return to the TownNews core.