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Specifying Text Attributes for extend bygraph


The <&extend:()> and <&bygraph:()> custom functions allow the site to specify hard-coded text attributes. This is very useful for applying alternate paragraph alignment such as ragged right or justified without having a predefined Paragraph Style. This also allows a smaller number of styles when formatting sports agate or other intensively formatted items.

In addition, these commands are necessary if you need to overlap multiple Paragraph or Characters Styles. For example if you are unsure if an underline text attribute is going to need to be applied where a bold Character Style is already applied, then <&extend:()> is the way to go.

Finally these functions can also be used to completely bypass Paragraph and Character Styles. Since all of Adobe InDesign’s text attributes are available to these functions you can call text attributes on the fly with these commands, if you know how to specify them.

For details on the available options with the extend function, see extend.

<&bygraph:()> too

Since <&bygraph:()> is just a variation of <&extend:(4)>, all the information in this document is applicable to <&bygraph:()> too. 

Partial List of Available Text attributes

The following article has partial list of attributes can be used as parameters for <&extend:()> and <&bygraph:()>. They are shown with the italic values being user specified values that must be available in the Adobe InDesign document. The odd casing of the attribute must be specified as listed. These always begin with a lowercase letter with a capital letter for subsequent words.

When the same attribute is listed multiple times it is to show alternate uses.

If you need access to additional attributes in Adobe InDesign, please contact the vendor at the e-mail address on the bottom of this page so they can be added to the documentation. All of the Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy text attributes are supported (well over 150) but only a few are included in this documentation.

Need More Options?

As stated before, if you need access to additional text attribute options via the <&extend:()> or <&bygraph:()> custom functions, please contact the vendor at

Text Values Quotes

When specifying values that have text based settings such as styles, fonts, fontStyles, etc., include the setting in quotes.

The current version of BLOX Total CMS for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy allows for any combination of quotes, single, double, straight, or curved. Mix and match at will.

Note about Applying Styles

While these functions support the application of Character and Paragraph Styles it is easier to specify them in the Paragraph and Character Style fields of the Translate Rule where both functions will pick up those attributes.

If you specify a value in the argument list for these styles and in the tags themselves, the tags will override the arguments.

Special Notations

The leading values can be point values or the special Leading.AUTO value to select Automatic Leading where the autoLeading values are percentages of the pointSize to control the actual leading value.

The justification values are the paragraph alignment options. They are always listed in this form or as an enumeration. The listed form is easier to read. There are a total of 9 different options, though only a few are illustrated here.

Improperly Supplied Text Attributes

If you incorrectly specify an attribute, it will be ignored and no warning message will be displayed.

When specifying measurement values for text attributes, the units are always points. As when a translation is operating, it always operates in points. This might differ from the active document.

Sample Text Attributes

appliedCharacterStyle = 'bold'

appliedCharacterStyle = 'Bullets'

appliedFont = 'Helvetica'

appliedFont = 'Bell Gothic Std'

appliedParagraphStyle = 'body'

autoLeading = 110.9

autoLeading = 100

baselineShift = 2

capitalization = Capitalization.ALL_CAPS

capitalization = Capitalization.NORMAL

capitalization = Capitalization.SMALL_CAPS

firstLineIndent = 0

fontStyle = 'Bold'

fontStyle = 'Condensed'

fontStyle = 'Demi'

fontStyle = 'Oblique'

fontStyle = 'Roman'

leading = Leading.AUTO

leading = 11.25

justification = Justification.LEFT_ALIGN

justification = Justification.CENTER_ALIGN

justification = Justification.LEFT_JUSTIFIED

pointSize = 36

pointSize = 10.5

ruleAbove = false

spaceAfter = 6

spaceBefore = 9

startParagraph = StartParagraph.NEXT_COLUMN

strikeThru = true

strikeThroughWeight = 4

underline = true

underlineOffset = 5

underlineTint = 50