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Automatic Keyboard Shortcut Loading

The 5.30.01 version of the client added the ability for the BLOX Total CMS site's Template Master to push Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy keyboard shortcut sets to the users of those applications.

The procedures below outline the procedure that has been planned since the early stages of BLOX Total CMS.

Basic Procedure for Template Master

1) Create a keyboard shortcut for Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy named BLOX Total CMS. We have a downloadable PDF that covers this process here. Make sure the keyboard shortcuts are added to the User version of the BLOX Total CMS functions.

2) Enter Development Mode in the same application that you created the BLOX Total CMS keyboard shortcut set. This step is not documented. The Template Masters will know how to do that as it is part of their training.

3) Choose BLOX Total CMS > Settings and Support...

4) Click the Shortcuts tab

5) Click the Upload to Server button. Note: Early versions of this feature had the button labeled > Copy from Local > To Server >

6) Click the OK button

Other Information

Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy use different sets of keyboard shortcuts. So a development mode user would follow the above steps in both applications.

This procedure works because of the user preference Auto load the BLOX Total CMS set. This option is found in the Shortcuts tab of the Settings and Support... dialog if a keyboard shortcut set has been uploaded by a Development Mode user (it does not have to be the Template Master).

If a user want's their own keyboard shortcut set they should uncheck the Auto load the BLOX Total CMS set option.

If sites want to offer multiple options, the can create and export multiple sets. If the Auto load the BLOX Total CMS set option is unchecked, then the additional sets can be selected and double-clicked on to load them.