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Client 5.53 Release Notes

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Distributed Production

BLOX Total CMS client version 5.53.x is the first release version with functional Distributed Production. 

Distributed Production allows a Windows 10 or current MacOS-based computer using the Creative Cloud versions of Adobe InDesign and our client software to work on pages without access to the shared file server used 'in office'.

After being created, pages are checked in to Page Tracker via our client and they can then be checked out for remote production. Currently, pages would need to be finished in the main office where the existing file server lives to have the Advertisements placed on the pages and output. Improvements for those finishing steps are on the way. 

Besides client 5.53.x, or newer, sites also need to prepare for Distributed Production by using Spawn Template, export the design element snippets, upload the output preferences, prepare for remote image processing, and update appliances (if used). There is actually a Distributed Production Preparedness function at BLOX Total CMS > Development > Check Distributed Production Preparedness that can be used to guide you in the process.

Release Notes for client version 5.53.x

5.53.21-1 Released 2021.10.21

Related Content Write-back) We finally support the write-back from Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign. Thus, any edits made in those two applications will return to BLOX Total CMS and appear online with the edits. There are several conditions to note below. JIRA INDESIGN-1914

  • Translation of the related content requires ruleset edits. Without those edits, you will find <related_content_uuid> tags at the bottom of the related content items.
  • Write-back of the related content also requires a change to the Export ruleset or the related content headlines will appear repeated in the body of the related content items. To force them to write-back correctly, you need to have uniquely named styles applied to the related content heads and the Export ruleset needs them to be tagged with related_content_title.
  • The Export ruleset would also need to know the names of any list styles used in related content so that they write back as lists and not as body copy.
  • Your Translation ruleset for related content, generally named Related_Content, should place the entire related content item into a single frame.
  • A single frame edit version of the article in Adobe InCopy will not display the Related content. This is the legacy behavior and it is preserved.
  • The legacy behavior reflowing the parent asset can still cause the related content items to switch frames if the Adobe InDesign user modified the front to back stacking order.
  • This option isn't available for Creative Suite versions of Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign.
  • This option requires an update to BLOX CMS. The ETA of which is unknown. But the above ruleset changes can be done now without any adverse effects.

Minor UI Change for Export Snippet) In the past, the checkbox allowing the export of a snippet to Page Tracker was labeled 'Allow Adobe InCopy Editing within Snippet'. But that didn't explain all the purposes that exporting a snippet to Page Tracker did. So the option has been relabeled 'Export to Page Tracker' and there is a new help tip with this text: 'When checked, the snippet will be exported to Page Tracker for use with Distributed Production, to assign the geometry for Adobe InDesign via the Publications tab in the browser interface, and to allow editing within the snippet in Adobe InCopy.' When Automated Production (our current focus) becomes a reality, these same Design Element Snippets will be usable for automatic page building. JIRA INDESIGN-3406

3406 Export to Page Tracker.png

Modification to the use Export Snippet for Cross-Domain use) The initial version of a Page Tracker feature to allow Design Element Snippets to be uploaded to Page Tracker for use in Distributed Production as well as providing extra Disaster Recovery mechanisms prevented the upload of the same snippet to more than one domain. That has been corrected. Besides needing Page Tracker version 1.16 you will also need BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign version 5.53.21 or newer to use this support. This feature is REQUIRED for efficient use of Distributed Production. JIRA INDESIGN-3406

Easier Access to Exporting Design Element Snippets to Page Tracker) In the past, if you wanted to export a snippet to Page Tracker, the user had to be in Development Mode. That limited its access primarily to the site's Template Masters. But because access to snippets is even more important with Distributed and Automated Production, now if a snippet is attempted to be re-exported when it has previously been exported to the current domain's Page Tracker, the 'Export to Page Tracker' option will be automatically selected even if the user isn't in Development Mode. JIRA INDESIGN-3406

Bug Fix for Open by Status) The Open by Status feature was allowed when there wasn't the required Pages workflow. The feature is now disabled if Pages doesn't exist. JIRA INDESIGN-3484

3484 No Pages Workflow Domain Blured.png

Long-Standing Bug Fix for Asset Manager to show Jump Head and Jump Keyword) The Asset Manager never properly displayed an asset's Jump Keyword or Jump Headline. Instead, they would display if selected in the Preferences tab Jump Keyword and Jump Headline. They now display the correct information. JIRA INDESIGN-3489

3489-02 Jump Keyword and Head in Asset Manager Preview Data.png

Esoteric Bug Fix for Uploading Output Preferences for Distributed Production) If an output preference file had been uploaded to Page Tracker and the user switched domains, it was was possible to end up in a situation where you couldn't upload output preferences to another domain. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-3486

5.53.20-1 Released 2021.10.13

Additional Distributed Production Preparedness Test for Folio Properties) As the generation of most Folio Text Variables has moved internal to the client in version 5.53.19, the legacy Folio Property JSX files are should no longer be a requirement for most sites. In addition, since they would require remote installation, they are difficult to manage in a Distributed Production environment. So they are now considered an impediment to Distributed Production Preparedness. Sites running the Distributed Production Preparedness testing at BLOX Total CMS > Development > Check Distributed Production Preparedness will now have those files flagged as needing to be removed. If, however, you need a customized Folio Text Variable, we have alternative methods of accomplishing what you need. Please file a support ticket at JIRA INDESIGN-3469

3469 failed due to folio properties jsx.png

Of the various ways to fail your Distributed Production Preparedness testing, this test failed because of a legacy addDateBasedFolioProperties.jsx file that would need to be installed manually. 

5.53.19-1 Released 2021.10.13

Search by Depth in Asset Manager) As part of the Automated Production initiative for the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign, users can now search for article assets by length. The option is found in the Advanced Search tab and a sample search is shown below. JIRA INDESIGN-344

344 Min Max Article Depth.png

Additional Pre-built Folio Text Variables) To aid in the transition to Distributed Production and Automated Production, there are many new Folio Text Variables that are pre-constructed and can be used without either a folioProperties.jsx or an addDateBasedFolioProperties.jsx file installed. Documentation of the available values can be seen at the link below. One of the new features is that Volume and Issue numbers will be calculated for all publications that a) have a standard publication schedule entered in the browser's Page Creation Settings; b) always publish according to that schedule. If you randomly skip certain holidays we can NOT automate your issue numbers. Those settings are configured in the dialog below: JIRA INDESIGN-718

718 Publication Schedule.png

New Feature to Warn or Limit placement of assets that are not yet Print Ready) We had a long-standing request to add a method to limit the placement of assets on pages that were not Print Ready. Some sites do not want assets on pages that are not Print Ready. Others, especially those that use Adobe InCopy, require assets to be placed on the page prior to being Print Ready. Because Print Ready is a flag that can mean whatever a site wants it to mean, we are now allowing a preference to warn when non-Print Ready assets are being placed. The preference is the Warn when Placing Non-Print Ready option in the Translation Options tab of the Settings and Support dialog. The warning itself is manifested in the Asset Notes dialog via an R column with an X icon on any asset that is not yet Print Ready. This combination adds a Cancel button to the dialog. When Cancel is clicked, the placement will be stopped and translation will not happen. JIRA INDESIGN-1277

1277 Settings and Support for Warn when Placing Non-Print Ready.png
1277 Asset Print Notes showing the Ready for Print column with a NOT ready asset.png

Minor Bug Fix for AdBase PGL Text and Media Plus Ad Layout Formats) When the browser-based preferences moved from Settings > InDesign > Preferences to Page Tracker's Application Settings the client software added some support for some Ad Layout Formats that previously had only been accessible as a Custom option. Unfortunately, two of those formats Ad Base PGL Text and Media Plus XML weren't correctly implemented and the custom option had to be used as the newly named version generated an error about the Edition file and Layout file extensions matching. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-3461

Esoteric Bug Fix for Newzware XML Ad Layout Format) An earlier bug fix exposed a bug in using Newzware XML in NON-Enhanced Mode. This has been fixed and, while not recommended, editions can now be constructed without having BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Advertising > Enhanced Mode selected. JIRA INDESIGN-3463

Esoteric Bug Fix for Brainworks XML, AdBase PGL Text, and BLOX Very Simple Ad Layout Formats) An earlier bug fix exposed a bug in using these ad layout formats in NON-Enhanced Mode. This has been fixed and, while not recommended, editions can now be constructed without having BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Advertising > Enhanced Mode selected. JIRA INDESIGN-3464

Minor UI Change) When listing the uploaded jump items for Distributed Production, the dialog now displays the domain as shown below. JIRA INDESIGN-3479

3479 Publications with Jump Items 9.png

5.53.18-1 Released 2021.09.28

Major Change to the Fit Translation command) The Fit command for Translation, responsible for enlarging or reducing the size of the multiple types of frames, has been changed to prevent it from enlarging a frame lower than the bottom margin of the page. No translation ruleset changes are necessary. JIRA INDESIGN-3458

3458 main story extended to bottom of page.png

Bug Fix for Open by Status) It is possible that in certain circumstances that the Open by Status function would fail to open pages if Page Tracker had not reached version 1.16. We believe this has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-3458

Minor Changes to the Slow Log Line Finder) As the BLOX Total CMS client gets modified and updated occasionally more logging is added and or function names are changed. This then causes the Slow Log Line finder to add additional entries that, in reality, are waiting for user interaction. Some additional items to ignore have been added to better display cases where slowness has actually happened. The Slow Line Finder was added about 2.5 years ago in client 5.36.x. It can be found in the Support tab of BLOX Total CMS > Settings and Support... JIRA INDESIGN-3462

3462 Slow Log Finder.png

Esoteric Bug Fix for Newzware XML Ad Layout Format) An earlier bug fix exposed a bug in using Newzware XML in NON-Enhanced Mode. This has been fixed and, while not recommended, editions can now be constructed without having BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Advertising > Enhanced Mode selected. JIRA INDESIGN-3463

5.53.17-1 Released 2021.09.20

Minor Output Change for Windows Sites) The 5.45.02 version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign added a feature to allow a function to receive the specified for the active OS as the third argument. Unfortunately, for Windows platforms, those paths are typically specified with backslashes (\) which accordingly interact with the following characters to escape them. This then means that the paths can either error (at best) or not work (the normal result). The paths are now sent in POSIX form and should be converted to a folder object in the receiving function before concatenating with any additional subfolders. JIRA INDESIGN-3452

5.53.16-1 Released 2021.09.16

Slight Performance Increase when checking in articles with children) When a parent article is checked in, the children have long had the opportunity to be checked in simultaneously. However, if the relationship wasn't part of an Adobe InCopy assignment (used by sites that actively use the Adobe InCopy application) the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign was doing extra steps that slowed down this process. These extra steps are no longer done and the check in process is slightly faster. The users, however, will likely not be able to notice a change. JIRA INDESIGN-1275

Bug Fix for Removing Open Recent) The 5.53.11 version of the client attempted to remove the Open Recent submenu from the File Menu for Distributed Production users. But on occasions, it would add an Open Recent submenu at the bottom of the File menu. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-3324

MacOS and the Auto Log In Feature) The Auto Log In feature returned in client 5.53.13 might not have been consistent for MacOS users logged in via certain VPN configurations because the VPN client could change an attribute of the machine's configuration. A change was made to keep the key configuration consistent to aid in using the Auto Log In Feature and keeping it secure. JIRA INDESIGN-3329

Libraries Will Auto Close for Distributed Production Users) Libraries have never been recommended for use with BLOX Total CMS. The client fully supports snippets exported with BLOX Total CMS > Export Snippet. And snippets work nicely with disaster recovery but libraries do not. Distributed Production users will now automatically have any legacy libraries as well as the Creative Cloud's 'CC Libraries' panel closed. The exception is the special library that is used with BLOX Very Simple Ad Layout (vSal) and even that will be closed when no longer needed. Warning: Because of the way that Adobe by default dock's the 'CC Libraries' panel, you might find other panels closing. Please remove the 'CC Libraries' panel from any other grouping of panels and they will remain open. JIRA INDESIGN-3389

Bug Fix for Opening Documents with Bad Aliases) We had a site experiencing difficulties with their File Server and it was causing some of the aliases/shortcuts that are used for Dynamic Jumps. This then triggered a bug building the menu items which has been fixed. It is doubtful that any other site will notice this issue. JIRA INDESIGN-3441

5.53.15-1 Released 2021.09.14

New Distributed Production Preparedness Check) The Template Master item to Check Distributed Production Preparedness will now check the Path configuration paths for the subfolders listed in the General tab to verify that none of them have any hard-coded full paths as they are incompatible with Distributed Production's remote users. The prior version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and InCopy will allow IP addresses to be used as the Windows Base Path, so the need to specify full paths for these sub-folders is considerably less. If for some arcane reason one of those items needs to be located on a hard-coded path for the remote users, a standard fileServerDetails.jsx file can be constructed and deployed. Please file a support ticket at if you have any additional questions. JIRA INDESIGN-3437

Launch Improvement) To aid in distributed production troubleshooting, if the Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign launch processes detect an issue, the login will no longer be allowed to proceed. In the past, the login would proceed, but unknown results could happen. There is, however, at this point, no-log is written. Thus, failures will need to be noted and shared in a support ticket to JIRA INDESIGN-3439

5.53.14-1 Released 2021.09.07

Modified Support for Windows Base Path using IP address) The Windows Base Path did NOT support using IP addresses. Unfortunately, for Windows-based sites without adequate IT support to handle a proper DNS name for their file server, IP addresses would be the only choice to reach the file server. Previously, the only way this worked was to hard code every path in the browser-based Path Configuration function. Now, an IP address can be used in the Windows Base Path section and the remaining paths will base themselves after that path. This is very important for Distributed Production sites as they won't function well with the fully specified paths. JIRA INDESIGN-3436

5.53.13-1 Released 2021.09.02

Returned Feature for Auto Log In) An earlier version of the client added a password caching and auto-log-in feature that worked for some users, but not all. The feature was later removed and has now been modified for reliability. This works for both Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy users providing two things: 1) The password has at least 12 characters; 2) You are using a non-appliance based version of BLOX Total CMS or your appliance-based BLOX Total CMS is at Appliance OS 2.28 or newer. In addition, if you are using a pool of appliance-based servers, all need to be at Appliance OS 2.28 or newer. If you need to clear the cached passwords, choose {{BLOX Total CMS > Update and Reset > Reset Password Cache...}} JIRA INDESIGN-3329

Cached Password TFA .png

Note: Approximately 50% of our sites use appliances. The current version of the appliance OS is 2.30, but few have taken the time to update. Please update your appliances regularly. 

5.53.12-1 Released 2021.09.01

Minor Ad Statuses Bug Fix) We had a client with matching Ads and Ads Alternate paths (a relatively common and natural setting at sites) and when they clicked on certain ads in the Ad Statuses dialog, they got errors from trying to display the Ads Alternate path for the ad. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-3433

5.53.11-1 Released 2021.08.18

Distributed Production removes legacy opening options) When a user Logs In to BLOX Total CMS using a Distributed Production option, the File menu's Open options are modified in the following way:

  • File > Open... redirects to BLOX Total CMS's Open by Status...
  • File > Open BLOX Total CMS Documents... option is removed
  • File > Open Recent... is removed
  • File > Open BLOX Total CMS Document by Status... is added

Note: This process removes the Open Recent dialog for all future uses. If it must be restored, follow Adobe InDesign's procedure for resetting Adobe InDesign's preferences.

This leaves the menu looking as shown below. JIRA INDESIGN-3324

3324 File Menu when logged in as remote or local.png

New Path options during Log In for Distributed Production) If a user Logs In using a Distributed Production option, they will not be harassed about missing advertising paths unless they are using a fileServerDetails.jsx file which should be rare. At this point in time, ads on pages aren't supported with Distributed Production until the penultimate workflow process for the page. And it is assumed that the ads will be added In Office by a local user where access to the file servers is expected as opposed to a remote user where they will not have access to the advertisements. JIRA INDESIGN-3394

Open by Status Page Note Display Bug Fix) Previously if a Page Note had been entered with newline characters, some users might have seen the Open by Status dialog display those notes across multiple displayed pages in the Open by Status dialog. Now the Notes column will convert those newline characters as spaces while removing any extra spaces. Meanwhile, the Note: displayed below the table retains the newline characters as shown below. JIRA INDESIGN-3401

3401 Open by Status showing cleaned up Page Notes.png

Open by Status Improvement) If a page is locked by another distributed production user, the Open by Status dialog will now alert the user with the page name and who owns the lock on that page with a dialog similar to the one shown below. JIRA INDESIGN-3363

Open by Status UI change) Previously the Ad! column was set to always be displayed. However, since there is a Page Tracker Application Settings preference for Send Ad Status to Page Tracker that determines if that information is known. If it isn't known, it can't be displayed and so the column will be automatically removed if the setting isn't chosen. JIRA INDESIGN-3423

5.53.10-1 Released 2021.08.12

fileServerDetails.jsx and Distributed Production) For many years sites, and users, could install fileServerDetails.jsx files to provide more customization of storage paths. For most of the years of that support, two locations were supported including one in the workstation's user's application data folder. In that location, the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy would prompt the user for overrides to some paths. However, for Distributed Production support that prompt has been removed since the remote Distributed Production users would already be working with their own version of the client and also, if installed, their own fileServerDetails.jsx file in the normal tcms_data folder, or its equivalent, where no prompt is given. And in the case of the two other types of login's the paths must stay consistent. The average user will never notice any changes. JIRA INDESIGN-3386

5.53.09-1 Released 2021.08.11

Distributed Production Menu Ordering Change) When a user is logged in via Distributed Production, the Check In function has been moved in the Documents Menu to a group with the Open by Status and the login method, as shown below. JIRA INDESIGN-3411

3411 Revised Distributed Production Menu Ordering.png

5.53.08-1 Released 2021.08.10

Esoteric Log In Bug Fix following cancelation due to missing paths) If you attempted to log in when one or more of the OS-specific paths were unavailable, and later attempted to Log In without restarting Adobe InDesign you would get the following error. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-3090

3390 Log In or Domain switching error

If you get this warning message, upgrade to client 5.53.08 or newer. 

5.53.07-2 Released 2021.08.10

Asset Manager Change for Distributed Production) When logged in for Distributed Production, the ability to create an Adobe InCopy assignment has been removed from the Asset Manager. The options had previously been removed from the Settings and Support dialog and thus the BLOX Total CMS menu. JIRA INDESIGN-3319

Bug Fix) Open by Status will now open more than one checked in page. Previously, if the page had to be downloaded from Page Tracker, the process would stop after the first successfully downloaded page. JIRA INDESIGN-3372

Bug Fix in Check Distributed Production Preparedness) The function to check for a domain's Distributed Production preparedness provided flawed values for the Image Toning Preferences. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-3403

5.53.06-1 Released 2021.08.04

Distributed Production Support for Embedded Links) Distributed Production will now support Document Check In when the links are embedded. This is important for things like snippets which should not be linked to graphics on a file server if the snippets are to be used by remote Distributed Production users. JIRA INDESIGN-3374

5.53.05-1 Released 2021.08.03

Bug Fix for long-standing problem with Log Paths) Some sites have complained that they couldn't locate the three folders for Logs within what would normally be the tcms_purged volume. There was a long-standing bug that could appear if the domain had more than a single . (dot) in the domain name and the domain was to be included in the path to Adobe InDesign documents. The issue can also happen when there were dots in some earlier part of the path as well such a fully qualified name for a file server that had a dot in it. This has been fixed. The Crash_Logs, Error_Logs, and User_Logs folders should now always be loose at the root of the equivalent of the tcms_purged folder/share or within the parent of the folder for Adobe InDesign Documents. JIRA INDESIGN-3387

5.53.04-1 Released 2021.07.29

UI Changes for Distributed Production) When logged in as either a local or remote Distributed Production user the legacy Documents > Open options are removed. The opening of documents should only occur through the use of BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Open by Status... until that function is moved to the Asset Manager's Pages tab. In addition, users will not have any access to Combine With nor Combine Multiple as the first version of Distributed Production does not support multipage documents. That function will change. Finally, Distributed Production can never support Document Jumps so those options are always removed and the Dead Jump features are only enabled for those local users working in the office with the file server. This too may eventually be expanded in the future. JIRA INDESIGN-3010

Distributed Production Check In during document Close) If the user is logged in via a local or remote option for Distributed Production, then the users will now be prompted to check in the document or leave it locked in their name when closing any properly named document. The confirmation dialog appears similar to the one below. JIRA INDESIGN-3338

3338 Check In Document.png

New Preference for Check In All Documents when using Distributed Production) If a user is logged in using either a remote or a local option, when closing documents the user will be shown the Document Check In dialog and the Cancel option will not be allowed. JIRA INDESIGN-3385

3385 Always Check In Documents When Closing.png
3385 Check In Document without Cancel button.png

5.53.03-1 Released 2021.07.28

Bug Fix for Checking In Documents) The document check in process could actually work but post a failed message because some internal flags weren't getting set. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-3313

5.53.02-1 Released 2021.07.27

Distributed Production Check Out Bug Fixed for Windows) There was an encoding bug fixed for Windows users that prevented them from checking out a document a second time. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-3310

5.53.01-1 Released 2021.07.26

New Feature to Check In Page as part of Create Pages) For users logged into a domain via a Remote or Local Distributed Production option, the Create Pages function will prompt them to determine which of the new pages should be checked into Page Tracker for other users. For performance and reliability, this feature is only allowed for Creative Cloud users. Creative Suite users will need to open pages and check them in individually. JIRA INDESIGN-2315

Distributed Production's handling of ads) As outlined in the initial roadmap for Distributed Production, ads are not supported on pages being checked in until the page reaches the final two workflow processes. For all other workflow processes, the ad frames, including those that are locked or placed on locked layers, will be removed after the page preview and segmentation is created, but before the actual Check In process. When opening the pages, Ad Statuses should automatically appear and the ad placeholders and/or ads can be recreated if the user has access to the paths for ads. Page Tracker's Application Settings' Advertising accordion now includes an option to completely disable Ad Statuses if desired.

  • Yes, the intention here is to NOT allow the ads to be checked in with early versions of the pages because that will increase a site's bandwidth and storage charges. There will likely be improvements to this workflow plan in the future. JIRA INDESIGN-2949

InCopy Assignments Will Be removed during Check-In/Upload) The use of Adobe InCopy assignments is not currently supported with Distributed Production and likely never will be because of the need for Adobe InCopy to have immediate access to the Adobe InDesign document. Thus, when checking in an Adobe InDesign document to Page Tracker for use by another user, any Adobe InCopy Assignments that existed in the document will be removed. JIRA INDESIGN-3260

New Option for New...) For Enhanced Mode users (typically only advertising staff) they can now create a document using BLOX Total CMS > Documents > New... and have it automatically become a _BU backup document located in the Backups folder. This means that the BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Advertising > Create Pages... function can be used rather than the slower and less reliable Split Document. This also allows editions to be created using our BLOX Very Simple Ad Layout function when the first page of the edition has already been constructed. JIRA INDESIGN-3269

Template Name inserted into Every New Document) Part of the above change was to assist sites that have alternative page production processes. To facilitate the usage of the Create Pages function, all documents created with BLOX Total CMS > Documents > New... will not automatically insert the name of the template used. JIRA INDESIGN-3269

New Distributed Production Check-In) There is a new menu option at BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Check In... when the user is logged in via Distributed Production. That option will package up the document and check it into the system so it can be accessed by others. JIRA INDESIGN-3300

Internal Bug Fix) If the PageTrackerPreview.joboptions file didn't exist the user would be warned, but the launch process would continue. This has been fixed. The Adobe InDesign client will purposely fail to allow login if the preset isn't available. JIRA INDESIGN-3303

Minor UI Change) The Asset Manager and the New Document dialog now include a tag in the title indicating if the user is logged in as a local or remote distributed production user. No functionality changes were made to the dialogs themselves. JIRA INDESIGN-3307

Disabled Creating a Multi-page Document when logged in as a Remote or Local user) Users logged in via a Distributed Production option will not be able to use the BLOX Total CMS > Documents > New... dialog to create multi-page documents unless they choose the As Backup Document option which is only available when Enhanced Mode is chosen. JIRA INDESIGN-3309

Distributed Production Check In Dialog) The Distributed Production process now has a dialog that is displayed when a user initiates Check In via the current menu item. This dialog is not displayed when a Creative Cloud user uses Create Pages and requests pages to be checked in. There will be a separate feature to display this when closing a document. JIRA INDESIGN-3310

Bug Fix) Client version 5.52.x added the ability to update a page's notes when closing pages. We had one report that the dialog didn't always come to the front of the page being closed. We have modified the dialog to try to bring it to the front. JIRA INDESIGN-3312

Open-by-Status Now shows pages in Page Tracker with a Last User column) The Open by Status function has been extended again to indicate which pages have uploaded versions. There is a Last User column that is populated whenever there are pages that have been previously checked in to BLOX Total CMS. If the page is currently checked out, the Last User column will display a padlock for locked/in use. JIRA INDESIGN-3313

Minor New Document UI change) When creating a page via BLOX Total CMS > Documents > New... there were already several built-in controls for suggesting the name of the new page. There is an additional one to reset the page number to the first page in an edition when any of the edition naming options are changed. The edition naming options are the three date options and the publication code. JIRA INDESIGN-3337

Esoteric Log In/Launch Bug Fix) A user reported a bug when logging in using the Enter Server Address below... menu option when their servers.jsx file has more than 9 entries. The error would appear as shown below. The error can happen in multiple versions. To work around it either upgrade to 5.53.01 on newer or modify your servers.jsx file so that you don't need to use the Enter Server Address below option. Additional issues can also cause the same error as shown below. If you have this error after updating to this client, please report it at JIRA INDESIGN-3354

3354 InDesign 16.3.2 error.png

An error shown at launch from one of several different causes. 

Support for M1 based MacOS computers) Client 5.53.01 and newer can support computers using Apple's M1 processors. No change was made for Windows computers and we don't yet know of any implications for Windows 11 or ARM-based Windows 10. JIRA INDESIGN-3358

  • Warning for MacOS sites using outdated MacOS: This update might not be compatible with MacOS prior to 10.9. We have no way to test that, but sites should test 5.53.x and later in non-production times to verify that users can log in. Note, not all users at a site might have the same version of MacOS (because they have outdated computers that can't be upgraded) and thus, some users might be able to log in with this update while others can not.

Esoteric Bug Fix for Page Tracker Previews) Client Version 5.47.x added a function that allowed sites to specifically select any Adobe PDF Preset to be used for the generation of the PDFs in Page Tracker. Unfortunately, there was a bug if a user launched and didn't have that preset and also didn't have the BLOX Total CMS default PageTrackerPreview preset installed. When that occurred, an error would prevent the default PageTrackerPreset from being loaded and that would cause that user to not generate any previews. JIRA INDESIGN-3359