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Client 5.49 Release Notes

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The release notes for newer versions of the BLOX Total CMS client can be found here.

5.49.05-1 Released 2021.06.04

MacOS Output Preferences Bug Fix) The 5.47.01 version attempted to fix an output problem when using MacOS paths but a typo prevented it from working correctly and caused the MacOS to go to the user's folder instead of the directed folderPath. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-3183

Bug Fix for Dead Jumps) A change in the 5.48.02 client broke the placement of the Continued From Jump Items when working with dead jumps if, and only if, the user was just clicking on the page when placing the dead jump. This has been fixed. The workaround is to first draw a frame and then when using Place Dead Jump it will place into the selected frame. JIRA INDESIGN-3267

5.49.04-1 Released 2021.04.16

Bug Fix For Sites with Pooled Domains) We had a report from a single site with outdated appliances with pooled domains where they weren't able to switch domains. There had been a bug in the client software when logging into CMS versions before 1.51 that has now been fixed. If you are needing to log out and then back in to switch domains, please update the client to this version or newer. JIRA INDESIGN-3237

Log In Bug Fix) There was an internal error created in client version 5.47.01 that could prevent logins from using a cached password and thus it prevented some automatic login. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-3245

Internal Changes for New Features) Clients 5.47.01 through the current versions used the existence of a BLOX CMS web-service to indicate that certain features have moved from independent files to browser-based settings. Unfortunately, that wasn't an appropriate switch as the web-service has been released to non-appliance-based BLOX CMS sites while the browser-based settings have yet to pass QA testing. So we now specifically test for the new browser-based settings. We were alerted to the mismatched distribution by a site that received an information message about the changes as outlined in various changes in the 5.47.x change logs. JIRA INDESIGN-3248

5.49.03-1 Released 2021.03.25

Bug Fix for Keyboard Shortcuts of Utility Scripts organized by folders) The last release fixed one bug that prevented keyboard shortcuts for Utilities scripts organized in folders from working. The fix worked for MacOS users but it failed for Windows users. Now Windows users can use these new scripts too. If you need to use keyboard shortcuts or want to use Adobe InDesign's Scripts panel to run the Utility Scripts you will need to replace the existing scripts by using two options in the Keyboard Shortcuts (KS) tab in the dialog found at BLOX Total CMS > Settings and Support... JIRA INDESIGN-2995

Replace Shortcuts Scripts.png

5.49.02-1 Released 2021.03.23

Bug Fix for Opening Protective Shutdown Log Folder) INDESIGN-5.44.05 added a button to the Support tab of Settings and Support to Show ProtectiveShutdownLog Folder. Unfortunately, that button only worked when one of Adobe's Recovery logs existed. The button now opens if the folder exists. And it will only exist if Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy had at some point chose to quit to prevent damaging the document database. This itself is rare so the button might provide a dialog that notes that the folder doesn't exist. JIRA INDESIGN-2967

Bug Fix) The 5.44.06 version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign attempted to fix a bug when page color labels were added to a page manually (like by pasting one on a page or placing one with a snippet) and then using the Override .adinfo file feature. Unfortunately, if the Ad Organization was set to 100 folders there were cases where Override would fail with a silent error. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2988

Output Improvement for Chain using Maximum Copies) Client 5.45.02 added support for outputting more than one copy when using a Page Tracker Chain Link option. But it only supported that in methods instead of also including support in menu groups. Now maximum copies is supported in menu groups too. JIRA INDESIGN-3122

Page Name Enforcement) We recently had a couple of users at a couple of different sites decide that they needed to rename the pages in a multi-page document using Numbering and Section Options. Unfortunately, they failed to add any Section letters which caused the page to be improperly named, which caused Page Tracker to not know what page it was which then meant that Live e-Editions to not get proper previews or segments. To help prevent this, we're enforcing the use of section letters. If a user removes or fails to add the section letter, they should get warned with a dialog similar to the one below. JIRA INDESIGN-3208

3208 Select Section for Added Page

If you manually change the Numbering and Section options but fail to provide a Section Prefix and Section Marker, you will now be prompted to supply one. 

New Template Master Function to add Distributed Production options to a site's servers.jsx) To aid the conversion for Distributed Production the Template Masters have a new Development function at BLOX Total CMS > Development > Add Distributed Production to servers.jsx... That function will create a new servers.jsx file from your existing one and add two options for distributed production. It should only be used once for a domain as it doesn't have sophisticated checking of the existing options. As an alternative there is also BLOX Total CMS > Development > Construct servers.jsx file... which can be used to construct just distributed production versions or a local version. JIRA INDESIGN-3217

Minor Change to Event Processing Post Output as an attempt to lessen Adobe InDesign Crashing) We've gotten several logs from sites where Adobe InDesign has gone non-responsive at the time of saving the Adobe InDesign document following the output where a check-in of assets is requested. To help prevent those non-responsive times, the BLOX Total CMS client no longer requests that the document be saved. You will now notice that after an output the document will likely be shown with the * indicating it unsaved changes. Those changes are likely the print trimming text condition's visibility. JIRA INDESIGN-3230

5.49.01-1 Released 2021.03.19

Improvement to Output Preference Processing for PCAB) PCAB output is only functional with Page Tracker output types. But previously there was no warning about specifying it with other types of output. It will now produce a warning similar to the one shown below if it is attempted to be used with the wrong output types. JIRA INDESIGN-1581

1581 PCAB Warning for Non-PageTracker.png

Template Master Output Preferences Feature) There is a new Development Mode option for Template Masters to create a base Output Preferences file. While functional, its purpose is to be a base for a site customized version. The option is at BLOX Total CMS > Development > Create Base Output Preferences File... This creates the same file as when no preferences exist as outlined in INDESIGN-3012 included in client version 5.46.06 and later. JIRA INDESIGN-2288

More Logging For Output Presets) To assist sites having issues managing their Adobe PDF Presets, we now log the preset's modification date and installation location. This happens during the login process. Users should notice no differences as the process only takes a couple of hundredths of a second. We also log every time a PDF is requested a few key settings of the PDF preset such as its Adobe Acrobat Compatibility level and the three desired resolution values. This is to assist the site and TownNews with troubleshooting. JIRA INDESIGN-2819

Minor Changes to PDF Preset Selection) We had a very old report of a PDF preset not being correctly identified. We believe that issue was correctly fixed some time ago but made a change to the selection of presets when outputting pages with color indicators. In the past, the process would check for the BW preset even if it was the same preset as the color or default preset. This change speeds the output process by a couple of milliseconds. We also added an alert dialog if the requested preset name wasn't exactly matched by Adobe InDesign. JIRA INDESIGN-2829

New Distributed Production Feature for Template Masters to Upload Output Preferences for Remote Users) Page Tracker 1.16 provided options to store output preferences on a domain-by-domain basis in Page Tracker so that remote users can have access to them. The options are clearly labeled in the Template Master's Development Menu. Normal users will not notice any changes. JIRA INDESIGN-3060

Change to Output Features) Because of the above feature, output preferences are now always unique by domain. In the past, we encouraged sites to use one output preferences file for the site. But that meant that the output menu could have gotten quite large and unruly. Now since they are domain-based, you can keep the list of options to match only those needed for the publications in a specific domain. If however, you want to continue to use one large set of preferences, you still can, just have the Template Master upload the existing preferences file to all domains. Of note, there has been since client version 5.38.01 a feature to prohibit output for specified publications in any menu group or method. JIRA INDESIGN-3060

Important Change to Selection of Output Preferences Files) In the past, if there were multiple output preferences .XML files in the Output Preferences folder the first one returned by the sorting of the host OS would be used. This means that if there were more than one, one user could potentially have gotten a different set of preferences from another user. While multiple files used to be rare, changes for Distributed Production mean that multiple files in that folder are possible during the time that a site is preparing for Distributed Production. The template master's feature to download the Output Preferences XML file creates a file named with the domain (with non-alphanumeric characters replaced with underscores) and a suffix of _outputPreferences.xml. That same naming structure is not the default choice for the output preferences file name. And if it exists, it will be used before any other .XML file in that folder even if others appear first according to the OS. JIRA INDESIGN-3060

Bug Fix for Attempting to Remove InCopy Assignment on a non-asset) We had a site provide logs where internal errors were generated when a user tried to remove the Adobe InCopy assignment for non-asset frames. This no longer happens. Apparently, the only implication of the internal errors was the time wasted copying the error logs. JIRA INDESIGN-3224

Important Bug Fix for autoUpdatePageTracker.enabled files) Client version 5.47.01 introduced a bug in handling legacy autoUpdatePageTracker.enabled files that are used at a small percentage of our sites to force an update to Page Tracker of documents after every x minutes. The file itself has essentially been depreciated in that version but support for it remains until sites get the modified preferences available with Page Tracker version 1.15 (current ETA unknown). Prior to that Page Tracker update, the client will fail to launch for all 5.47.x and 5.48.x versions if that file exists. Users can either remove that file or update to version 5.49.01 of the client. JIRA INDESIGN-3225

Minor Settings and Support Bug Fix) There were some limited cases where the User Interface tab of Settings and Support didn't have enough room to show the Display Development Mode option. This has been fixed. A workaround to get that option to be visible is to set Settings and Support to show the smaller version of itself. To do that, check the Minimize the Settings and Support Dialog option in the Dialogs tab of Settings and Support. JIRA INDESIGN-3226

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