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Appliance OS 2.29.0 Release Notes

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This release of TotalCMS 2.29 includes an update of Blox Core to 1.52.2 as well as a major change to the platform admin account and a number of other fixes. 

There are a number of major improvements and changes to AP using the new Media API in this release. Please be sure to read those specific release items below.


Local administrators using the "admin" appliance account to login to the BLOX interface must now use this account's email adress: admin@tms.local instead of "admin".  The Sandstone admin still requires the username string "admin"

After upgrade you will need to change/update the "admin" account password to use it to login to the BLOX admin. Logins to the BLOX system will fail until a password update is completed.


Major Included Packages

  • BLOX CMS version 1.52.2 (from 1.48.6)
  • Syndicate 1.28.2 (from 1.22.3)
  • PageTracker 1.14
  • Client 5.43.17

BLOX CMS version 1.49.0-1.52.2

Key Improvements:

  • When creating BLOX Notifier messages in BLOX TotalCMS, you can now specify a time when the messages are sent, as long as it is after the asset's start time. Previously you could only send messages when the asset went live. (TNCMS-7676)
  • We are adding the ability to easily create an inline link to another on-site asset within the BLOX CMS system. Simply highlight some text in the BLOX CMS text editor, then click on the arrow next to the inline link tool, and select "link to asset." This will bring up a search interface where all internal content can be discovered and linkified. BLOX CMS will automatically determine that link's URL and insert it into the body copy of the current article. (TNCMS-5516)

Full release notes:

PageTracker 1.14:

New Features:

  • In Page Tracker, when viewing page details, there is a new column titled notes that shows if the asset has print notes. (PAGETRACK-344)
  • This release removes the "Don't Purge" option in the Purge Pages option in Page Tracker -> Settings -> Options. This was done to help system performance. The default value is to retain 400 days. Files older than that are automatically purged. You can select a shorter timeframe if desired. (PAGETRACK-622)
  • We are adding the ability to toggle on/off various content types in the budget view. There is a series of toggle buttons across the results table that will allow you to filter the results quickly and easily. (PAGETRACK-650)


  • In this release we are moving the 'Delete page' button from the top bar to the pages list, where it makes more placement sense. Select a page then click the button to remove it. (PAGETRACK-437)
  • In order to eliminate issues with accessing the file share that houses the NITF exports, we are instituting an automatic purge of NITF files that are older than 180 days. This will improve performance of accessing that share. (PAGETRACK-608)
  • In the budget view, you can now sort status of assignments by clicking on the title in the header bar. (PAGETRACK-657)

Bug Fixes:

  • This bug fix corrects scrollbar and control issues in the page settings panel when it is resized. These controls should now properly render. (PAGETRACK-472)
  • This bug fix corrects an issue where when attempting to save and close the edition tab for a publication, the box would not close. Now the box will properly save and close when the button is clicked. (PAGETRACK-638)
  • Assigning a publication as "default" in the page creation setting panel using the button in the toolbar and saving now bolds that publication in the listing. (PAGETRACK-653)


Syndicate 1.28.2

The major changes to this release revolve around fixes and improvements to our AP Media API integration. We've updated to the newest version of the AP Media API as well as corrected a large number of issues that we uncovered after the initial release. As was previously announced, AP has backed off of their initial end-of-life date for legacy AP webfeeds, however they have indicated that all future development and improvement will be around the Media API, so that is the preferred method of content import.

You may encounter some variance between content that is available in AP Newsroom and what is surfaced in searches inside of Blox. These differences are generally around "metered" or paid content vs. included in plan. There is now an option in the search parameters to let you surface "digest" or "budget" content, which was previously being excluded. 

Improvements to AP

  • We are adding a new search option on AP channels for "Include non-publishable content" so that newsrooms can access AP digests and budgets used in daily print content planning operations. (SYNDICATE-583)
  • We are changing search results to return only items that are in your plan and do not incur additional costs. If there are items that you see in AP Newsroom that incur either a meter tick or a dollar cost, they can be exported manually from AP Newsroom and imported into BLOX CMS. (SYNDICATE-581)
  • We are providing future proofed version control for any changes to API versions by AP. (SYNDICATE-591)
  • For any imported Associated Press (AP) item, delete times are now set to 30 days after the "versionCreated", "firstCreated", or "embargoed" date in the API response, whichever is the latest. This addresses an issue with broken images in AP articles when AP re-uses older images that had previously expired. (SYNDICATE-528)
  • Associated Press Syndication channels (API-based) will now support searching by word count in the same manner as was previously supported in legacy AP webfeed syndication channels. (SYNDICATE-470)

Full release notes:


While no official version of the client is being packaged with this appliance release, the current version of the client available is the 5.43 branch.