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Appliance OS 2.25.0 Release Notes

  • Updated

This release of TotalCMS 2.25 is a minor update that corrects some bugs and introduces a slew of improvements, as well as implementing a new page design feature for sites using Creative Cloud and InCopy.

Major Included Packages

  • BLOX CMS version 1.44.4 (from 1.43.2)
  • BLOX Total CMS Client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign version 5.37 (from 5.36)
  • Syndicate 1.18.1 (from 1.17.1)
  • PageTracker 1.12

BLOX CMS version 1.43.3-1.44.4


  • Unpublished content can not be accessed via webservice search, making it available to the client. (TNCMS-6562) The BLOX Photo Sales "automatic" logic has now been updated to disable photo sales on images that have an "advertorial" flag, a "sponsored" flag or a "wire" flag. (TNCMS-6659)
  • The "AP" flag will no longer disallow BLOX-to-BLOX syndication. Instead, an automatic DRM rule will be employed. (TNCMS-5361)
  • We have removed the post-upload PDF optimization process to remove the potential for error in PDFs. Please ensure your uploaded PDFs are optimized before uploading. (TNCMS-6751)

Full release notes:

PageTracker 1.12

Page Tracker now allows the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy to take advantage of Geometry Items. These Geometry Items are the details of an Adobe InDesign snippet, but with previews and dimensions that can be used in the Assignment Tool and Budgeting. Any Development Mode user in Adobe InDesign, when exporting Design Element snippets can request, with a checkbox, that these snippets be exported for use with Adobe InCopy. Then, Adobe InCopy users can edit the content of an article asset to fit that snippet BEFORE the snippet is placed on the page. This is a major change from how things have worked in the past. Then, when the asset is placed on the page, the Adobe InDesign user can have the current text frame automatically replaced with the full snippet. There are more advantages of this update which will be covered in a future webinar. This Major improvement requires current client software 5.39.x and the Creative Cloud versions of Adobe InDesign and InCopy. Without those pieces, Design Geometries will not function. (PAGETRACK-593)

BLOX Total CMS Client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign version 5.37

Full release notes for client 5.37.x series can be found here:

Syndicate 1.18.1

Major changes:

We have implemented the PR Newswire syndication service. To use this you will need to sign up for an API key from PR Newswire and set up an importer to ingest this content automatically. More details about this new service can be found here.

We have also implemented a Wordpress syndication channel. It is geared towards existing Rayos customers, but is available to import from any Wordpress site. Further information can be found in this release note.

Bug fix:

We corrected a problem introduced in an earlier release that caused print-only content to be not discoverable from the client. This has now been corrected. (SYNDICATE-374)

*********** NOTICE OF END OF LIFE ***********

Effective Jan 8, 2019 TownNews will be ending software development for for our legacy HP class server appliances with model numbers P1-1300, P1-3000, and P2-3000. 

TownNews now offers newer Total CMS options such as VMWare, Hosted, and appliance models M2-3000 and P3-11000 which offer superior performance and flexibility.

Total CMS version 2.22.0 will be the final software update available to these platforms. Customers support for BLOX Total CMS will continue to be available for customers using the EOL models until June 3, 2019.

For more information on the Total CMS options available, please contact your TownNews sales person.