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Creating Adobe InDesign documents for one entire section

Export the necessary files from your layout system. For example our built in support for SCS Layout 8000 requires we have a layout (.out) and edition (.edf) files.

Within Adobe InDesign choose BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Advertising > Enhanced Mode  Until it is CHECKED.

Enhanced Mode Active

The access to Enhanced Mode is found at BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Advertising > Enhanced Mode. When selected the option will be displayed with a check.

Choose BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Advertising > Create Publication from Edition file...

Create Publication from Edition File in BLOX Total CMS menu

The location of the menu item to start the production of a new Publication / Edition / Section

A dialog will appear asking you to locate the .edf file. Select the .edf file for the publication you want to create. 

Select a .edf Edition File

The dialog to select a .edf based Edition file.

Select the desired Edition file.

User selected edition file

In this dialog the user has selected an edition file. The Open button is now available.

Click the Open Button.

A dialog similar to the following will appear:

Document Naming Dialog

This is a learning dialog. Once it has encountered all the options according to the information in the Edition file, it will then be able to correctly select the publication code and template. In addition, it will remember the last section selected.

Verify the Publication Code matches the selected edition file. If not, change the publication code. 

Select the 1 (one) section you are trying to produce. Because of the desire to keep the documents in entire sections, this procedure cannot be done with the entire publication unless you want the entire publication to be left in a single document.

Verify that the Adobe InDesign Template listed at the bottom is the correct template for this publication.

Click the OK button. 

You might see one of several warning and / or error dialogs similar to the three shown below:

Layout Error 1

The first of several possible error or warning screens that can appear when processing edition and layout files. In this case the layout file referenced ads that had not actually been given placement information. 

Layout Warning 1
Layout error 2

Click the OK button for all warnings and errors. 

If you have already used this edition file to produce a this same section, you might get the following dialog to display:

Replacing Existing AdInfo files

If a user has previously processed the same, or a similar/earlier, Edition and Layout file, they will be asked to replace any existing .adinfo files with the new information. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you just click OK. There are only very specific reasons to uncheck any of these check boxes and sites will probably already know when/why.

Unless you have a really valid reason to do otherwise, just click the OK button in that dialog.

Depending upon the OS of the workstation you are using, what else you might or might not have done after clicking the last several OK buttons, and how long you wait you might see the Ad Statuses dialog similar to the one shown below.

Ad Statuses

"Click the Blue Button"

Once Ad Statuses appears, you should, in general, click the Fix Errors and Warnings button. Do not worry if it doesn't appear immediately. It will only appear after Adobe InDesign has gone into an idle state and in some versions on some workstation with some Operating Systems, it might not appear until later in the processes.

The next, and final step to produce a usable document with an entire section of pages is to use BLOX Total CMS for Adobe InDesign's Save As function. Choose BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Save As...

Selecting Save As...

The menu location to save a document with BLOX Total CMS naming. 

A dialog similar to the following will appear:

Documents > Save As...

The Save As BLOX Total CMS Document dialog. When saving an existing document the dialog will be displayed looking as it does here with all items already filled out.