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Loops through Adobe InDesign templates and resets split-document template name to the template's name

With the template or BLOX Total CMS document opened, and one page present, the script will list all the paragraph, character, and object styles used in that template and the fonts used in any of those styles.

Reads active document metadata and reports the domain associated with that document.

Creates a template document based on user's input or from reading the file generated from Get Doc Dimensions utility

Generates a pop-up report of the document page size, margins, and print surface.

Used with versions of AD Force (5.6) that don't generate the .ldf file with the output. This utility creates a file with extension of .idf which will then open BLOX Total CMS Ad function. (BLOX menu>documents>Advertising>Create Publications From Edition Files)

For Mac/Winidows environments where Adobe InDesign pages may be built/modified in one OS and opened in the other OS.

Can be used by any site using the BLOX Total CMS Ad function to create publications. The script reads each frame on the page(s) and determines the expected completed ad file name (usually by ad number). When launched, the user navigates to the completed ad storage location (the path of which…

Same action as doing a file>save-as to overwrite the existing document. This reduces the size of the Adobe InDesign document without impacting BLOX Total CMS structure.

Fetches and places graphics/text files in Adobe script-labeled frames usually based on publication date. The files must be stored in "tcms_purged/domain/auto" folder. Use "TMPL8    Add labels to comics layout" utility to prepare snippets.

Work-around to open a document with a corresponding .idlk which cannot be released in a timely manner. Will allow completion of the page for output but should be used only in emergencies.

The same as having user do a File>Package for Print: creates a zipped folder on user's desktop which includes a copy of the document, an .idml of the document, the related links and fonts.

Opens the user's active translate log for review, copy/paste to new text document.

Collects specified error, crash, and/or translate log by-user by-work-date to include in reporting issues.

Loops through the active Adobe InDesign document and presents drop-down choice of templates to assign to this template for advertising page creation if needed.

Support tool to show related frames in snippets or page content that might cause large cut-out segments in Live E-edition segementing.

Works in conjuction with the LOAD  INDD PreflightProfile in the set below.

Loads PDF presets stored in tcms_indesgin/domain_local/OutputPreferences/Presets folder. Will remove any non-default preset (not bracketed with [].