Beginner help topics are listed in recommended order of completion.

Data Insights seeks to be a comprehensive one-stop-shop for analytics about your entire site. From editorial to circulation, we try to pull in data from every source that connects to your site. We then correlate data across silos, like using editorial data to supplement Google Analytics. This provides deep insights into how your site is performing.

Data Insights is a robust data visualization tool designed to bring together data from as many sources as possible. Rather than having to surface data in Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, your circulation system, and Blox, Data Insights brings all of that data together to one place to make it easy for everyone in your organization to find actionable insights.

The site overview dashboard is built to give executives a quick glace at how their site is performing, from overall traffic to revenue and new memberships.

The Pageview Analysis dashboard is built to provide traffic information focused on your editorial content.

The Member Reading Habits dashboard is meant to surface differences between "drive-by" traffic and the traffic from your "brand-loyal" readers. We define a "member" as a user who is both logged in and has a subscription service on your site.

The Content Overview dashboard is the place for exploring your editorial content. This is also a great dashboard to set up as an automatic email every morning for each author (remember to filter it to the author in question).

The Content Producer Performance dashboard exists to give editors an overview of how their content producers (reporters, photographers, videographers) are performing.

The content detail dashboard is designed to show all relevant data available for each article asset that has been published.

The Content Producer Scorecard is built as a tool to help reporters keep an eye on their content. This is an excellent dashboard to set up for a rolling 7 day emailed report.

The Revenue Overview dashboard provides a window into all the sources of revenue being generated on your site.

The Google Ad Manager report pulls in data from your Google Ad Manager account, or if you are part of the TownNews AdOps program, from that source. 

The AdOps Revenue dashboard contains data from the iQ Programmatic AdOps program. This is the revenue from the "backfill" ads used to fill unfilled ad impressions on your site.

The Paid Recommendation Revenue dashboard shows revenue earned through participation in various Paid Recommendation programs, which include Taboola, Outbrain, Insticator and Content Exchange.

The Program Revenue dashboard shows all revenue from TownNews Revenue programs. These include: Email Programmatic, Tributes and Photo Sales.

The Blox Subscription dashboard brings in data from the Blox Subscription system to show which services are driving the most starts and revenue.

The Benchmark dashboard is a tool for helping to see how your site is trending compared with your 'cohort'. Cohort is defined by TownNews to be those sites that are in the same industry and similar average 30 day siteview (traffic) size.

As of 3/2020 we do not have this ability exposed yet. This may require a higher tier access. However in the interim, we are happy to work with you to add those KPIs and Reports to our standard dashboards, or even create new ones.

As of 3/2020 this is currently not possible. However we do have plans to allow for the uploading of circulation system data and local revenue. These will be required to be uploaded as csv files to a specific ftp location in a standardized format. We will then import the data and add it into the overall data model.

The Engagement Score is intended to be a rough but scalable metric for ranking the reader engagement with a particular author. The goal is to provide something that allows ranking of content and authors and help drive towards a more engaging site overall. The calculation is based on the share of voice the article has compared to all article pageviews, social interactions, completion rates, and share of voice among members.

Based on some limitations with the Google Analytics API, we can only pull in data for the last 3 days for new customers. All of that is retained from the initial launch forward, but we can't currently get that historical data. We do pull in Google Ad Manager data from Jan 1, 2019, TownNews Revenue Program data from 2016, and editorial data starting from Jan 1, 2020.

While those are all great products, and we rely on analytics from Google Analytics ourselves, none of these tell the full picture of your site. This those other tools, you are basically slicing and dicing traffic and pageviews. You get a little more editorial data with Metrics for News, however it's not the full story. Because we are your CMS and power all aspects of your site, we have all the meta data about your articles, we know the authors, we have your ads, businesses, forms and more. Because we can surface all of that data, we can combine them in ways that are otherwise impossible. If you want to know about revenue per user or article, only our platform can surface that.