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Webservice keys

What are Webservices?

A webservice is a machine-to-machine software function that is hosted at a network addressable location. Webservices can be utilized across BLOX applications in tandem with 3rd party services or other BLOX sites. 


What are Webservice Keys?

Webservices are secured connections that require credentials to access them. These credentials are known as Webservice Keys. During the webservice key creation process, both a Key and Secret will be generated. These can then be provided to the 3rd party for accessing the services specified 


What Web services are available in BLOX CMS? 

To view a complete list of all of the webservice keys that are available, append the following to the domain of your BLOX site: /tncms/webservice

How to Add a Webservice

Within the Manage webservice keys panel, select +New. Within the Create webservice key panel, create the name of the webservice. 

Next, select the module(s) that you'd like to grant key permission and then choose Create key. 

The key and secret will then be populated. These values can then be copied and shared with the vendor or 3rd party. 

When keys are created, they'll be available for reference. 

Webservice keys may be edited or removed by utilizing either toolbar option.

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