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Site Tags

What are Site Tags?

User must have Syndication Manager level access to view or set up this service.

The Site settings area is where you will setup Site tags for your site. Site Tags are generally used for the purpose of copying content between sites. For example: if you wanted to send content from Site A to Site B, you would give content on Site A a Site Tag of "site_b." Then on Site B you set up a Processing Job to pull in content from Site A with a Site Tag of "site_b."

WARNING: If a workflow has Block Syndication activated, the asset will not syndicate even if a Site Tag is in place.

How to add a new Site Tag

To add a new site tag, click the New button in the upper left corner of the Manage Site Tags window to populate the Edit site tags window.

Enter in the new Name of the site tag you would like to add. Leave the Active box checked (You have the ability to deactivate site tags for times that you are not using them).

The tag Name may only contain letters, numbers, underscores, hyphens and periods.

If completed, the second section of the screen, Syndication, will allow assets associated with this tag to be automatically syndicated to the specified site.

Site Tags may be edited or removed by utilizing either toolbar option.


How to add a Site Tag to an asset

Within an asset, locate the Site Tags panel within the Tags tab. To add a new Site Tag select +Add to populate the Select Site Tags panel.

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