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What are Geolocations?

Geolocations are U.S. location-specific, user-created keywords that can be added to add value to content. When it comes to targeting content, Geolocations offer the same benefits and flexility that of traditional section and keyword tags. Adding a map vendor to your BLOX site can also provide the visible appeal and helpfulness of maps being embedded within site content.


How to add a Geolocation

To add a new geolocation, click the Actions / New Tag button in the upper left corner of the Manage Geo Tags window.

This will open the New Tag window. While Name is the only required field, you can also add a specific Address, Zipcode, City, State, Longitude and Latitude. Click Submit to complete the process.

Geolocations may be edited or removed by utilizing either toolbar option.


How to add a Geolocation to an asset

Within an asset, locate the GeoLocations panel within the Tags tab. To add a new GeoLocation select +Add to populate the Select GeoTags panel.

When a GeoLocation has been added, it will appear within the footer of the asset, just beneath the keyword tags. Geolocations are clickable and will redirect users to a search page where other instances of that GeoLocation will be listed. 

You can see GeoLocations in action within the following example:

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