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Authentication Provider

What is Authentication Provider?

The Authentication Provider option allows your site to serve as an OpenID Authentication Provider. This means that users of your site may use their credentials from your site to log in to other sites that permit it. Other BLOX CMS sites could act as client sites, permitting this exchange of log in credentials.


Enable Authentic Provider

Within the main Settings panel, this feature can be enabled by checking the Enable authentication provider support option. 

To configure your site to use only sites specified within the Client sites panel, check this option. 


How to Add a Client Site

To add a new client site, click +Add within the Client sites panel. 

Next, create a name for the client site and then specify the domain name(s) within the Domain names panel.

An optional source can be added within the Source field. Certain templates may react to the source name of an incoming authentication request, resulting in a unique login page presentation. 

If you do not want user's approval when performing authentication requests, enable the Skip User Approval option. 

Client sites may be edited or removed by utilizing either toolbar option. 

Select the Save button to complete your changes. 

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