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Sandbox Sections

What are Sandbox Sections?

Sandbox Sections are live, hidden site sections that are used for working out ideas relating to content blocks and the page layout. Ideas can be built out within the test environment and then moved to their permanent locations when ready for public viewing. 


How to create a Sandbox?

Often-times the best approach for creating a sandbox is to create a primary section, followed by a subsection for each staff member:

  • /test/
  • /test/chris
  • /test/dave
  • /test/kurt

To create a sandbox section, the process is the same as creating any other section.

Within the BLOX CMS Settings, navigate to Settings > URLs. Select the primary URL (flexsystem), then select +New. Provide a name for the URL, then repeat the process for each team member using the new URL as the primary URL. 


How can I prevent the sandbox from being discovered?

Members of your readership should only stumble across the sandbox if it is being linked within content blocks or site navigation. There is however a very small chance that someone could enter the /test section and stumble upon the test section completely by chance, but that is unlikely. 

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