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How to log into BLOX CMS

BLOX CMS Login Page

The BLOX CMS admin can be accessed by appending the following to the web address of your website: /tncms/admin

For example: 

We recommend bookmarking the BLOX CMS login page for easy access. An easy way to remember "/tncms/admin" is knowing that it stands for TownNews content management system admin. 

To log into BLOX CMS, enter the email address and password that was provided by your TownNews Project Manager or fellow team member. Once successfully logged in, you'll be be presented with the BLOX CMS News & Updates page (or BLOX CMS Desktop for short). 


Lost passwords

A Forgot your password? option is available for establishing a new password. When a new password is required, using this option will send a password recovery email where a new password can be created. 


TownNews Customer Support 

If you don't recall which email address is associated with your BLOX CMS admin account, our Customer Support team can provide further assistance at 800.293.9576. Our Customer Support team can only assist with email addresses, as TownNews staff doesn't have access to user passwords. 

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