BLOX CMS is a content management system that manages the publication of digital content. Each application within the BLOX CMS suite specializes in a unique set of tasks. Many applications tie into each other, lending to a more seamless admin user-experience. Learn more about these applications here.

There are a lot of moving parts to BLOX CMS, but you'll find that the interface is presented in a consistent, user-friendly way. Each application within BLOX share a consistent look and feel. Learn more about the BLOX interface here. 

The BLOX CMS News & Updates panel (or BLOX CMS Dashboard) is the page BLOX admins are greeting with when logging into a new session of BLOX CMS. This page includes helpful BLOX-related information. This page can be accessed within the BLOX CMS menu within the Other section. Learn more about this helpful resource.

The User Preferences menu is located in the upper right-hand corner of the BLOX admin and can be accessed by selecting the down arrow following the "Logged in as" email address. Learn more about the options within. 

Learn how Saved Searches throughout BLOX CMS can enhance your workflow.

The BLOX User Dashboard is an online dashboard that allows readers to fully take advantage of the features and services available on your website. This premium feature is available to your readership for free and only requires that users establish a User Account using a valid email address. Learn more about this feature. 

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This setting is where staff workflows can be setup for managing milestones within the publishing process. Learn more about this helpful tool.

Site caching is the process of temporarily storing files of a web page to decrease page loading time on subsequent page views. Learn more about how BLOX CMS handles cache.

Learn how Sandbox Sections can be beneficial to BLOX admins. Sandbox Sections are live, hidden site sections that are used for working out ideas relating to content blocks and the page layout. Ideas can be built out within the test environment and then moved to their permanent locations when ready for public viewing. 

Inheritance is a concept where something takes on the characteristics of something else more dominant. Learn more about how inheritance works within BLOX. 

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) clients are software that is used to access folders and files on a server, and move new folders and files between servers and your computer. Learn how to setup an FTP client here.

The Saved Items panel is where users can manage content of interest that they've saved for later later viewing.