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Category Maps

What are Category Maps?

When a Syndication Channel has been configured, any assets associated with the channel will pull in the section(s) from the original source.

In many cases, the section structure from the source doesn't exactly match the structure within the destination BLOX site. When this occurs, the source sections can be changed (or mapped) to those within the BLOX site. 

For example, Site A is located in Western Illinois and has 4 sister sites located throughout Illinois.

The News sections within all 5 sites are setup as follows:




Site A wishes to syndicate Local News content from each sister site. If the channel syndicates content from these sites without any category mapping, the content will be featured within the /news/local/ section. This content is being reported from throughout the state however, so it it should not be tagged as Local News and instead, State News. This is where category mapping comes in. 

Once a Category Map has been configured, it can be modified at any time to best suit the syndication workflow. Each Syndication Channel supports its own, unique category mapping. 

Working with the Category Map

The Category Map is located within the Application Settings and can be accessed by selecting the Gear in the upper-right corner of the admin. Within the Channels panel, select the Channel that needs mapped and then select the Category Map option within the toolbar. This will populate the Category map for that Channel. 

How to modify the Category Map

Within the Category Map, select +Add to populate the Add Category Map Rules panel.

The source and destination sections are located within the left and right panels, respectively.  

Within the left panel, select the section that needs mapping. Within the right panel, select the new destination section. Select Add rules to complete the entry. This process can then be repeated for any further sections or subsections. Select Saved changes to finalize the map. 


Unmapped Category or Uncategorized Assets

In some cases, content from the source site may not feature any section tags and will need to be mapped to a default section. Instead of allowing untagged assets to be syndicated into your BLOX site, the Unmapped Category or Uncategorized Asset feature can be use to define which default section this content should be section tagged to. 

To define a default section for uncategorized content, double-click the Unmapped category or uncategorized asset option (or highlight, then select Edit from the toolbar) to populate the Select Section panel where the default section can be added. 

Category Maps may be edited or removed by utilizing either toolbar option.

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