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Article Assets

Article assets are the most-basic asset type within BLOX CMS. Articles may be created both directly within the BLOX CMS editor or pasted in from another application. 


How to create an Article asset

To create a new Article asset, within BLOX Assets select +New at the top of the Search Results panel and then select Article. This will populate the Article (new) panel where the required information can be completed to build the asset.


Article asset requirements

Article assets support a wealth of options, but only require the following:

  • Asset title
  • Body copy
  • Section tag


Building the asset

Title (or Web headline): Add a meaningful article title.

Byline: A Byline may be included. This will appear either alongside the Author or by hovering over the Author, depending on the presentation style. 

Authors: User the dropdown menu to attribute an Author to the article. The menu will include registered Admin/Normal BLOX users. 

Body copy: This is the text area where body copy for the article may be composed.

Start Date/time: Use the date/time tools to specify when the article should be available to readers. 

Display Priority: The default value is null, or 0. Enter a value here to signify higher importance for the day it's published. 

Presentation: Use the dropdown menu to select a Presentation Style in which the article will be displayed. 

Tags: Within the Sections panel, select +Add and then select the URL the asset should belong to then then choose Save to build the Article asset. 



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