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Search Terms Panel

The Search Terms panel is located on the left side of the Editorial/Assets workspace. This panel contains a number of filters that can be set for locating editorial assets that have previously been created.


Search text

Type or paste within this field to query Title/Web headline, Body copy or asset Summary. 


Boolean search

Boolean options can be used, such as AND, NOT and OR for making search text more concise. 

For example: Harris AND award AND "city hall" NOT Deborah

In this example, BLOX will query all assets that included both Harris, award, and "city hall", while not including the word Deborah.


Keyword search

To search by keyword you'll need to use the format tag_keyword:keyword

For example: tag_keyword:fire

In this example, BLOX will query all assets that include the keyword "fire". 


Geolocation search

To search by geolocation, you'll need to use the format tag_geo:geolocation

For example: tag_geo:east moline

In this example, BLOX will query all assets that include the geolocation "east moline". 


Asset search (UUID)

To search using an asset's UUID, you'll need to use the format uuid:uuid

For example: uuid:1ef6c99e-4947-517e-b5ed-19f05ec2b333

In this example, BLOX will query all assets that feature that UUID. All assets feature a unique UUID, so one should only encounter one search result. The UUID in this example is UUID for this article asset.

To learn more about UUID, please view the following:



Slug is a short, unique ID given to an asset to help track it as it progresses through a site's workflow.



Type will return results for the asset type(s) selected. For example, Image and/or PDF.



Section will return results for assets assigned to the selected section(s) or subsection(s).


Start Date

Specify a date range in which the asset was published using the "From" and "To" dates within the date-picker dropdown menus. 



Author allows you to search by registered user that is assigned to than asset. An author must be a registered user on your site, and can be an Admin user or a Normal user.

To search authors, click on the magnifying glass. Search the list of registered users, or use the Query function to narrow your search by screen name, first or last name, or email address. You can also narrow the search to Admin, Normal, or Any users.

You can have multiple authors assigned to an asset, but you can only search for one author at a time.


Photo Sales

You can search for Image assets that have Photo sales Enabled, Disabled, or Any variation of the two.


Source Application

Source Application will return results for the assets from the selected application. The default application is Editorial.



Published will bring up Published, Unpublished or assets Awaiting processing, based on your selection. The default is to search for Published assets only. Unpublished is for content that is pending to go live. Awaiting processing generally applies to video files that must be processed by our system.


User Contribution

User Contributed will bring up assets that were Contributed or Not Contributed by your readers through the front end of your BLOX CMS website. The default is to search for Not Contributed.


Value-Added Content

Value-Added Content allows to search for content that includes or excludes ARA editorial content. The default is to exclude value-added content from the search.



Flags will bring up all assets with the selected flags.


Print Publication Placements

Search by edition and pub date (range) for assets budgeted or placed on the documents for that edition. This is for Total CMS only.


Ready for Print

Usually, workflow process sets "Ready for Print" flag indicating when an asset has completed the editing workflow and is ready to be placed on the page. This is for Total CMS only. 


Print Depth

Search for article assets by inch count range. This is for Total CMS only. 



Workflow will bring up all assets based on the Workflow process selected (if used).



Deleted will bring up Deleted or Not deleted assets, based on your selection. The default is to search for Not deleted. To view recently deleted assets select the checkbox for Deleted assets only.

You have seven calendar to recall something that has been deleted. After that, the content cannot be recalled.

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