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Which florists does this service use?This service uses local florists. If the funeral home has a preferred florist listed, it will be used. If not, or in the event of multiple florists in the area, the closest by proximity to the service will be chosen.Can my customers pick which florist to pick from?Unfortunately, no.What is the revenue split?Contact your sales representative for more details on how the revenue is shared.What happens in the event of something going wrong (dead flowers, not delivered, etc.)?Tribute Technology handles all customer support, including refunds. Contact information is placed in several locations during the check-out process and is included on the customer’s receipt.So what’s the catch? How much extra work am I going to have to do for this?None! Simply enter your obits like you always do. TownNews sends the feed to Tribute Technologies and they match your obit to their database. Once the match is made, a link will appear on your site that will allow your readers to make their purchase.I assign my obituaries to a section other than obit, obituaries, or death. Will this still work?Unfortunately, no.I use a single article for all obits on a given day. Will this still work?Unfortunately, no. Each obit has to be an individual asset.Does this work with the NOW App?Not at this timeI’m still seeing the option to purchase flowers after my services are over. Why is that?Our partner offers the option to purchase and send flowers up to 30 days after the services. Any arrangements purchased will be sent to the family’s home. After 30 days, the option to plant a tree will be offered.When is the cutoff to order flowers for a visitation?If there is an end time (like an all-day visitation) it is four hours before the end of the event.If there is no end time, it is four hours before the start of the event.Does your vendor cover Canada?Yes, they cover the entirety of Canada.I'm part of a group, will my credit go to the group or to my site?It depends on how you are billed, but for the most part, you will be credited in the same method that you are charged.I would like to know if “adding” the florists we request actually means making the florists sign up to be in the FTD or Teleflora network (as opposed to integrating them into the options we serve up to our visitors).If you request a florist Tribute Technologies actually have their own network with their own products, recipes, etc.. For florist that aren't a part of FTD or Teleflora, they use their network because it saves the florist money and is a lot less hassle for them.How is it that the funeral homes are able to specify a preference for a florist?The funeral home simply tells Tribute Technologies what florist they prefer to use. In most cases, it is in their existing custom network, or one of the networks they support. Once that is done, that florist receives all of their orders (unless they can't fill it for some reason). Tribute Technologies have a full-time staff member who enlists florists into their network. Their network is growing quite substantially because of their direct connection with the funeral home. Florists really like that they can work with Tribute Technologies directly and they work with them on pricing, product selection, etc. Tribute Technologies are happy to enroll any florist that the newspaper recommends.

All Editorial assets include an Other tab that includes options that can be changed on a per-asset basis. 

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