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How do I create an Article asset?

Within BLOX Assets, select +New asset from the toolbar and then select Article.

This will populate the The Article: (new) window where the following information should be completed:

Title: Enter the name of the article. If the "Print" tab appears within the right-hand side of the window, the Title field will appear as "Web headline" (as seen above). 

Body copy: Within the body copy text field, body copy can be entered. If you intend to copy and paste copy from another application, we recommend using the Paste as Plain Text option to remove any unwanted formatting being carried over from the original application.

Start Date/Time: Use the Start Date/Time picker to select the date and time the asset should be published. By default, assets will feature a start date/time when the asset was originally created in BLOX unless manually changed using these options. 

Tags: Within the Tags tab, select the section(s) the asset should be assigned to. If an asset features multiple section tags, the asset URL will resolve to the first URL listed. 

For example, let's take a look at this article, "How do I create an Article asset?".

This asset is assigned to both /blox_cms/editorial/assets/level/beginner/ and /blox_cms/tutorials/content_creators/ sections, but because the section /blox_cms/editorial/assets/level/beginner/ is listed first, that is the section that the article will resolve to.

This is especially important to be mindful of when it comes to paywalls. If an asset is tagged with multiple section tags, the first section tag listed is what determines the paywall status.  

Related assets: Within the Related tab, assets (such as Images and Videos) can be added to an asset as either Child or Sibling assets. Child assets feature a strong relationship with the primary asset, while Sibling assets are less significant and will appear secondary. 

Inline assets: To expand on the default presentation, child assets can dragged into the body copy where desired, and once placed, further refinements can be made  relating to alignment, width and presentation by double-clicking the asset to reveal the menu of options. 

Select Save to complete the asset. To view the asset, select View > Live View.


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