Beginner help topics are listed in recommended order of completion.

Beginner Tutorials

BLOX OTT enables media organizations to grow their audiences with branded channels on all of the major streaming platforms, including Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Also known as a “shell”Under the Pre-launch page tab, do the following:Click NewEnter Name & select Group type: NormalClick SaveUnder Group categories, click Find categoriesEnter the category in the Search text fieldSelect the category & click Add selectionsClick Save and then CloseMove the menu/category to the desired location in the Pre-launch page tab

First you add the menu/category under the Menu buttons tab.Then you go to the Pre-launch page tab and do the following:Double-click the “Featured” item at the top to open it.Under Group categories, click Find categories.Enter the category in the Search text field.Select the category & click Add selections.Move the category to the desired location in the Group categories box.Click Save and then close.

Field59’s live streaming feature allows you to stream to many platforms, including your website, mobile apps, and OTT apps like Roku, AppleTV and Fire TV.

If you have settings set up in your application, you can now add a new category: App Info. This shows the version name and build number for your application. This helps to troubleshoot what version a user might be on when reporting issues. (OTT-470)

Search has been an option on OTT only if the Video Management System (VMS) provider could offer an API to be used on the individual application. OTT now provides a universal way of providing Search to all customers. Search now uses our own BLOX Search API to return search results in customer…

BLOX OTT supports a Customizations tab that includes options for refining colors, messaging and other items relating to the OTT user-experience.

The background image within OTT apps is typically provided during the onboarding process. This image is hard-coded and requires a new app version through the various stores when a new graphic is required. 

OTT Home navigation placement and text casing have been controlled through experimental settings in the OTT Admin. This release will include a more robust way to control the Home navigation.

Saved Videos allows users to save videos directly from the video player and then display the videos in a category. This feature CAN be a cross-platform feature meaning that if a user saves a video on desktop, mobile web, mobile apps or OTT, they can access that video on the OTT platform. Thi…

BLOX OTT supports a Preview player on Prelaunch and Home pages. The Preview player highlights videos and any included metadata that are selected in the Feature and On Demand rows. 

Resume Watching allows users to pick up videos right where they left off. This a cross-platform feature allows users to start watching a video on desktop, mobile web or NOW app and then resume watching within a BLOX OTT app. 

Recommended Videos provides viewers with recommended content (videos) based on their watch history and interests. This premium feature is accessible for the end-user when they sign in by interacting with the Activation Screen.

Learn about our effort to standardize the formatting of parameter macros appended to the end of video URLs in order to sell advertisements based upon these values, we have included the following on all of the video URLs in our BLOX OTT Platforms.