Different app vendors differ slightly in how metrics are collected in the app. In the BLOX Now app, there are three main metrics to watch to help determine the success for your app:

  • Screen Views are a common metric used to determine the success of an app. What screen views are being tracked can vary from vendor to vendor. We have provided screen view tracking in this documentation so it is clear what is being tracked.
  • Usage of the app will likely remain flat initially and increase over time. Monitor it closely, make sure you have promotions and other marketing activities in place to influence readers to download/use the app. For example, you can promote the notification alerts.
  • App Advertising Revenue likely will start flat and increase, especially as users and time on app increase. The design of the apps in the asset and topic feeds is to treat the ads as native ads. This works with the content and not against it and allows for your ads to be served/viewed as much as your content in the feeds. Again ads have high viewability which should aid in achieving optimal CPMs. Remember to take the viewability into consideration when selling local ads as this gives you an opportunity to charge a higher rate.