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Utility Regions


What are Utility Regions?

Utility Regions are virtual regions that allow the placement of content blocks within site pages, in the same way that blocks are added to section pages. Utility Regions are managed on a per-URL basis, and depending on the region, blocks that have been placed can appear within assets, section and search results pages beneath that URL.  


What is the benefit to using Utility Regions?

Utility Regions greatly expand on the number of the available content regions, in addition to those available within the main Layout workspace. Instead of being restricted to only being able to place blocks within section pages, Utility Regions provide the flexibility of allowing blocks to appear within the header, footer, body copy and other areas of the site.  


Where are Utility Regions located?

The Utility Regions panel is located on the right side of the Blocks Manager interface. The available Utility Regions are unique per URL skin, or page type. 


Working with Utility Regions

To add a content block to a Utility Region, expand the Utility Regions panel to reveal the available Utility Regions. Next, select the desired Utility Region and then toggle the Inheritance option, just to the left of the Lock icon. 

Within the Blocks Library, select the desired content block and then select +Add within the Utility Region to place the block. Finally, Save your changes within the Layout panel.  


Which page types are supported? 

  • Business Directory
  • Classifieds
  • Editorial
  • e-Edition
  • Search
  • Static Pages


Which Utility Regions are supported? 


Live Examples 


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