Beginner Tutorials

Once two-factor is established for a particular account, it may be necessary to create a password for use with the TotalCMS InDesign plugin. In order to create a password for this service, simply go back to your account and click on “Set up an InDesign password.”

Security is very important to TownNews and BLOX CMS, so we provide a number of options to help users protect their account access from bad actors, including a client trust token mechanism and an optional two-factor authentication method.

If you have a front-end user that has difficulty with the forgot password workflows and would like to be able to ask for a link to be sent to them where by they could gain access to their account.

User Reactions allow you to track User interaction and create different audiences for your site using the Data collected from the reactions.  This provides information you can use to tailor your content toward your users which increases the user experience.

Advanced Tutorials