Refunding a Transaction


For transactions that originally involved a monetary transfer using the Subscription service type, there is an option to refund the order using the Refund button under Transactions.    

Note:  You cannot refund transactions with the PGP service type. Only the Subscription service type allows refunds.


This button will be grayed out if the service cannot be refunded, which normally means a refund has already been issued or the service type is not eligible. If the service is refundable, you can click on the button to refund the service. This will prompt a warning message asking if you are sure you want to refund the amount of the transaction. Select Yes to confirm or No to cancel.


Once the refund has been issued, a Refund ID will be created and will display along with the other details under Transaction. The refund will also be listed under History. The example below displays the new Refund ID as well as the grayed out Refund button.