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Working with Rule Profiles


 What are Rule Profiles?

A Rule Profile is a definition of section(s) that encompass a digital subscription. A site can feature a single Rule Profile or multiple Rule Profiles for targeting different audiences. 


Working with an existing Rule Profile

The Rule Profiles panel is located within the Subscription Application Settings. A Rule Profile can be modified by clicking the profile and then choosing the Edit option within the toolbar. 


How to Create a Rule Profile

Within the Rule Profiles panel, select +New to populate the New Rule Profile panel. Within the URL Rules panel, use the +Add option to select the URLs that should be included within the rule. When selecting all URLs, use the Exceptions options below to add any URLs that should be excluded from the rule, or not affected by the rule.

Within the Other tab, provide a name for the profile and then select Save to complete the Rule Profile.   


How to Delete a Rule Profile

Rule Profiles may be edited or removed by utilizing either toolbar option.

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