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Subscription Wizard

What is the Subscription Wizard?

The Subscription Wizard allows you to manually assign a reader to a subscription service.   


Benefits of using Subscription Wizard

BLOX Subscription is designed to automate the subscription-adoption process, but there are certain situations where manual entry is recommended. 

For example, your site features a Free service for granting employees with free site access. This service is set to be hidden within the service itself so that readers aren't aware of it. The Subscription Wizard is then used to grant paywall access. 

In another instance, your site features a Delimited Verification service for granting print subscribers with free e-Edition access. Whenever a new print subscription is created, the Subscription Wizard is then used to grant e-Edition access. 

Instead of exposing some of these services and completing these tasks on the website, use the Subscription Wizard can be a time-saver. Subscriptions an be added for both BLOX CMS admins and readers alike, as long as they have an active and valid user account.

In a third instance, your site offers a subscription service and a potential subscriber is having challenges completing the process online. With valid payment information in hand, staff can complete the transition directly within the Subscription Wizard.

How to add a user to a Service

At the top of the Search results panel, click +New to initiate the Subscription Wizard. 

Within the Subscription Wizard panel, select the service and user that you'd like to grant service access to. Searches can be initiated by selecting the Magnification tools. 

Use the Find user panel to locate a user and then choose Select user to continue. If the user doesn't exist, choose +New to add a new user. Both Normal (readers) and Admin users can be added within the Find Users panel. 

Next, within the Services panel select the subscription service. 

If the service has a payment handler associated with it and requires payment, you'll be prompted to enter subscription rate, billing address and valid credit card information. 

After the transaction processes, you'll encounter a notification indicating that the save was successful. The new will be transaction will be available within the Search results panel. 

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