Beginner help topics are listed in recommended order of completion.

Beginner Tutorials

BLOX Subscription is where digital subscriptions are created and their subsequent transactions are managed. BLOX Subscription supports a set of service types for managing new and existing subscribers. Rule Profiles are then used to specify which site sections are paywalled for each service.

A subscription service is a digital service that grants readers access to paywalled site content. Subscription services can be configured with tiered pricing based on duration. Multiple subscriptions can be created for appealing to different audiences within your readership. Subscription services support both hard and soft paywalls. 

A Rule Profile is a definition of section(s) that encompass a digital subscription. A site can feature a single Rule Profile or multiple Rule Profiles for targeting different audiences. 

The Subscription Wizard within BLOX Subscription allows a reader who has an active User Account to be manually assigned to a subscription service. 

Service Types

A Subscription service is a digital service that grants readers access to paywalled site content. Subscription services are configured with tiered pricing based on duration.

A Delimited Verification service grants readers permission to paywalled content by referencing a .CSV list of current subscribers. 

A Free service grants readers permission to paywalled content. This can be useful for granting staff with site access, without having to purchase a subscription.  

A Domain service grants permission to paywalled content to all users with a given domain, such as, as part of their email address. 

Advanced Tutorials

Service Information displays the ID, Service type, Display Priority, Name, Notification Email, Description, Help Text, and Service Flags.

Rule Profile sets which pages are behind a paywall. Readers will not be able to access the URLs covered by that particular rule profile unless they are signed up for a particular service that protects that URL. You can have multiple services covering URLs and the reader will only need purcha…

Configuration is where you set up the payment handler for this service.

To edit an existing purchase rate select the rate and click Edit or double click on the rate.

Setting up a Paywall forces users to Subscribe to your site to view content. Paywall can be set for the entire site, or by a specific URL. There are different Options you can set the Paywall to allow free views before the user is asked to subscribe.

With the Vision Data integration there are two points of integration with the Circulation system..

Asking a reader to subscribe or sign up for an email at the bottom of an article is an effective way to convert users and move them up your acquisition funnel. Using the "Utility: Promo Button" block makes this easy!

Recurring payments requires you to have a PayPal PayFlow Pro Merchant account.  Contact your Regional Sales Rep for account set up information.