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Channels and Automatic Notification Rules

Getting Started

The first step to utilizing BLOX Notifier is creating a Channel. A Channel is a Target (or group of Targets) that will be messaged together. A Target is an individual application or platform that is available for messaging. 



To create a new Channel:

     - Click the Gear icon in the upper-right to reveal the Application Settings.

     - Beneath the Channels panel, click + New. This will populate a Create channel panel. 

     - Within the Channel panel, create a name for the Channel. 

     - Within the Targets panel, select the Target(s) that should be assigned to the Channel.


Automatic Notification Rules

Automatic Notification Rules are a set of inclusive rules that define the content that gets pulled into the Channel. A Channel requires at least one rule. Multiple rules will require at least one match from each rule in order for the message to be automatically notified. 

Inclusive rules include: Asset type, Flags, Keyword tags and Section tags. 

To create a new Automatic notification rule: 

     - Within the Automatic notifications rule panel, click + New. This will populate an Edit notification rule panel. 

     - Select the first radio option that applies, for example Asset type, and select Next. Within the following panel, select the Asset type(s) to include and then choose Select to establish your selection with the channel. 

     - Repeat this process until all appropriate rules have been defined. 

     - Choose Save to finalize the channel. 

This process can be repeated for each Channel. Channel Target and Automatic Notification Rule settings may be edited at anytime by double-clicking the Channel and making any the appropriate changes.  


Best Practices

When creating notification channels, it's important to not create channels with overlapping automatic notification rules. If rule overlap occurs, users who have subscribed to multiple channels risk being send multiple push notifications for the same content, leading to a poor user experience. 


Enabling automatic notifications

After your notification Channels have been established, automatic notifications will need to be enabled by checking the Enable automatic notify option within the Automatic notification settings panel. 

A time frame will need to be set, expressed in either hours or minutes. The default time frame is 8 hours, meaning that only assets published within the last 8 hours can be included within an automatic notification. 

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