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Offer Builder

What is Offer Builder?

Access Offer Groups (Offer Builder) allow Audience+ partners to fully customize the paywall with no coding required. BLOX admins can target offers to specific audiences and customize each message for maximum impact. Offers are controlled under the Access offer groups panel in Application Settings. 


I'm already using BLOX Subscription, why should I use Offer Builder?

Offer builder has all of the benefits to BLOX Subscription, but offers so much more: 

  • With our 1-Page Payment for digital purchases, you’ll see higher conversions as users can subscribe without leaving the article.
  • Simultaneous registration and subscription.
  • Login/Signup is available in a modal (popup), allowing users to log in or create an account without leaving the page.
  • Linked rate support for both BLOX Subscription Pro and 3rd-party circulation systems.
  • Robust metering with support for customized messaging and Offer Group targeting.
  • The Utility: Subscription Offers block makes an excellent companion to the Offer Builder modal paywall. This block displays the access offers for the configured rule setup and allows users to purchase the services presented by those offers.
  • Streamlined, mobile-friendly with new look & feel.
  • Modern UI with autofill, autofocus on form fields.
  • Improved "Forgot Password" user workflow.  

To learn more about Offer Builder and Audience+, please contact your dedicated sales rep or our Customer Support team at 800.293.9576. 

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