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Access Criteria

What is Access Criteria?

Access Criteria are the criteria used to either allow or deny access to site content and define the user journey. 


Ad Blocker Browsers

You will set what will happen when someone is using an ad blocker.


Archive Times 

You can set access based on whether an asset is archived or not.


Asset Type

You can set access based on e-Edition or Editorial asset type (ex. All e-editions are behind the paywall). 


Custom Javascript

Allows for the ability to create criteria that doesn't fall neatly into the prepackaged options.


DMP Audience

 You can grant access based upon which DMP audience a site visitor belongs to.


GDPR Country

Allows you to restrict access to GDPR locations.


Host Name

Allows you to grant access based on Host provider.


Private/Incognito Browsers

This will restrict users in Private/Incognito mode.


IP Address

Allows you grant access based on IP address.



You can use keywords to place assets in front of, or behind, the paywall. 


Meta Tag 

Allows the use of meta code on the page to control access.


Meter Check 

Allows you to restrict access based on what step of the meter your site visitor is on.



Allows you to grant access to a single piece of content if it referred from another site, such as social media.


Start Time 

You can grant or deny access based upon e-Edition or Editorial asset start time. 



Allow/deny access to a particular URL on your site.


URL Pattern

Allow/deny access to a grouping of URLs on your site (ex. News and all of its subsections).


User Login

Allow access if a user is or is not logged in.



Allow access based on user-agents (used for mobile).

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